Safe Winch : Intrinsic-Safe Winch Design
The tug market focuses more on safety in tug operations and therefore Kraaijeveld, together with IMC Corporate Licensing, has developed the Safe Winch.This new patented design tackles the two main areas of concern: 1) Peak loads & 2) Slack wires
However, in a different way than the self tensioning winch. When the load is higher than a preset value, the winch will automatically pay out the wire with high speed (100 m/min). When load is too low, the winch will prevent the wire to become slack. Hereby braking of towing wires is effectively prevented and safe operation of the tug and crew are ensured.
The SafeWinch is for practical use in the wide range of towing, ranging from harbour towage up to escorting in high seas; it offers easy to use and hands free operation, combined with a continuous display of the towline load in the wheelhouse.
The winch is built up of robust proven components and requires the same space on deck as conventional designed winches and combined with a high energy efficiency. The drive can be done by hydraulical motors or by frequency driven electric motors.

Awarded by Seatrade & Holland Marine Equipment 


Upgraded Safe Winch on Thamesbank of Smit

New 65 tons ASD Safe Winch serie for Dearsan
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