Head office:
Kastanjelaan 18n 2982 CM Ridderkerk The Netherlands
TEL: +31 (0)10 2417403

The IMC is a Rotterdam-based consultancy firm active in the maritime sector. The organization is set up to deliver high levels of expertise through a flexible and project-oriented organization. Through integration of different fields of expertise highly competitive services & products are offered to the maritime industry. The IMC forms an ideal partner for meeting market- and customer demands with short project development times; ranging from delivering a conceptual design for an FPSO to turn-key development of a fully-automated mooring system for ferries.

What are the activities of the IMC?

The activities of the IMC are centered around a core of maritime expertise. Two main fields have been defined. IMC Shipping & Offshore Design focusses on providing design & research services to owners and operatores of tankers & tugs. IMC Maritime System Development focusses on consulting & development of maritime support systems. A third activity called IMC Corporate Licensing provides projectmanagement & licensing services to group members and third parties.

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