IMC Shipping & Offshore Design

Your partner in the development of tanker technology

General Information:

IMC Shipping & Offshore Design is an independent organisation specialized in the design of crude carriers, product tankers and FPSO’s. Through research and experience IMC SOD has built up an extensive knowledge base on tanker design.The organisation is formed around a core of highly qualified consultants with a wide experience in naval architecture and operational expertise..

Our Strategy:

Create competitive advantage for its clients by developing tanker designs with improved economical and operational performance combined with a better market fit.

Matching performance parameters for your current and future trade with the design of your vessel is crucial, starting from the conceptual phase. Traditionally tanker design was based on transport capacity, ship’s speed, building- and operational cost. Many of these parameters should be considered in further detail in the era of the double hull concept. Especially with the increasing design influence of the shipyards, e.g. standard series.

We can offer assistance to make the right choices to enhance the performance of your vessels.

Our Services:

The consultants of IMC SOD can be contracted in various ways: Ranging from preliminary design specification review to detailed design analysis and from maintenance advice to voyage simulation. The services are either provided on hourly/day rates or contract base for entire projects.

Our Design Expertise:

VLCC’s, Suezmax, Aframax, Product, Shuttle and FPSO




IMC Shipping & Offshore Design

Your partner in the development of tanker technology

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