IMC Maritime Services

Your reliable on-site tanker assistance

General Information:

IMC Maritime Services is an independent organisation offering assistance for crude and product tankers with focus on the hull and machinery side.

The organisation is formed around a core of highly qualified consultants with a wide experience in the fields of dockings, inspections, surveys, marine operations and newbuilding.

Our Strategy:

Offer reliable and independent maritime services for the hull and machinery of crude and product tankers by integrating knowledge and experience.

Whereas most other consultants offer only one single fields of expertise IMC Maritime Services maintains a strategy of integration of knowledge and experience in one organisation. This leads to an integration from building, operation, repairs and maintenance perspective, thereby improving reliability and cost effectiveness in short and long term for the customer.

Our Services:

The consultants of IMC Maritime Services can be contracted in various ways: Ranging from inspection to project supervision and from second opinion to direct advisory / consultancy.

The services are either provided on hourly/day rates or lump-sum contracts for entire projects.

Our Expertise:

Superintendent Docking & Newbuilding, Repair Manager, Project Manager, Third Party Ship Inspections, Coating Advisor, Design & Structure Advisor. On-site teams can rely on in house IMC Office Support.

Experience of our staff includes work for and/or with shipowners, ope-rators, yards, class, insurance companies and (semi)national governments.


IMC Services Maritime

Your reliable on-site tanker assistance

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