What is the background of the IMC?

The IMC has originated from the bundling of activities of a number of independent maritime consultants at the beginning of 1997. As the main contributor to the new organization had been operating under the name IMC; International Maritime Consultants it was decided to continue under this name.

The result is a flexible project-oriented organization that is able to integrate different fields of expertise fast and effectively. Through this integration the IMC forms an ideal partner for meeting market - and customer demands with short project development times; ranging from delivering a conceptual design for an FPSO to turn-key development of a fully-automated mooring system for ferries.

Long-term relationships with her clients is a major goal of the IMC. Strategic partnerships have been formed for distribution, production and co-development. Formal relationships have been established with companies in the fields of maritime software, structural analyses, maritime research, and distribution of maritime products and services.